Digital Signage Trends of 2018

Digital Signage Trends of 2018

August 27, 2018 Digital Signage 0

August 2018 is over and changes that got initiated in beginning of this year in Digital Signage market are still going strong.
3 major trends sweeping the Signage world are:

  • Mobile-Signage Integration
  • Segmentation
  • AI based Dynamic content
Mobile-Signage Integration

Smart Phones are miniature cousins of Digital Signage and many players in Digital Signage arena treat these small screened smart phones as competitors to big screened digital signage mountings. But this perception needn’t be always true.
State-of-art Digital Signage Software is well equipped to interact with both smart phones and digital signage devices seamlessly and thus provide best customer experience.
In airports where customers will be constantly browsing through their smart phones to check status of their flight and other travel details are made to interact with Airport kiosks and menu boards which possess the intelligence to capture data from customer’s handheld device and help them to navigate to their respective terminals with constant way finding information.
Mobile-Digital signage integration is the happening thing in Digital Signage industry.


The art of dividing content delivery based on the time of the day or based on Customer’s actions is gaining popularity. Mere replacement of traditional static signage with digital ones is not the motive. Pushing content of relevance by strategic placement of small digital signage boards at different locations is catching up against showcasing a big screen at one location.

AI based Beacon and Geo-fencing

Digital Signage industry is embracing developments in Artificial Intelligence area with utmost enthusiasm.
Already many retailers are controlling the advertisements that get displayed on their digital kiosks based on the speed with which customers are approaching their shopping area. Also many players have their interactive Digital Signage units programmed to display info based on user preferences. We are not far away from the experience where customers are greeted with welcome message by these Signage units and they are provided with personalized content that suits their taste. So Way-Finding and location specific content delivery through Geo-Fencing and Beacon features are gaining momentum.
We at AIDDITION TECHNOLOGIES are working relentlessly to make our AIDIO products intelligent so that geo-fencing and beacon features are present in all our products. Also as our content management software is cloud based which works seamlessly with kiosk integration at any public places, mobile-signage integration is obvious feature of our products. Know more about our Aidio All-In-One Interactive Displays here


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