Being All-Rounder is Key in Digital Signage World

Being All-Rounder is Key in Digital Signage World

August 18, 2018 Digital Signage 0

IPL cricket, Hollywood or Bollywood, All-Round performers get auctioned for whooping price. All-Rounders and All-in-One Shops are gaining popularity across different market segments. So, if we question ourselves that why people prefer ONE-STOP-SOLUTION Super Market or Shopping Mall to different vendors scattered throughout a Market Area? The answer might vary from person to person but one common answer will be ‘CONVENIENCE’. Yes, getting things done quickly without hassles is what all of us expect isn’t it? Today Time is money and everyone has one weekend to fulfill all their marketing needs. So we throng to ‘ONE-STOP’ Shopping Malls.

In the Digital Signage World too
  • Display Screens
  • Media player
  • Content Management Software (CMS) form the three sides of a ‘Digital Signage’ Triangle

A fully functional Digital Signage system requires all the three aforementioned components running seamlessly.  We expecting customers’ to run from pole to post to get these three components integrated from different players are not a viable solution.

Expecting a customer to purchase Display Screens from you and pushing them to some other vendor to get Media Player and CMS services is not preferred. The reason being:

  • Purchasing these three components from different vendor’s leads to: Compatibility, Installation and Troubleshooting issues.
  • Compatibility issue creeps in if the hardware and software from different players will not work together due to standard issues
  • Installation issues creep in if Display device provider and Media Player vendor are different and they do not come in time to install the device
  • Whenever Digital Signage is not operational customer should run between all three suppliers to get things rectified absolute wastage of time and money
  • Customers having purchased Display Screens from a particular vendor and Media Player and CMS from others should depend on all three vendors to get them integrated and installed. Moreover when malfunctioning occurs they have to rely on all three to get it rectified.

The USP of Aidio All-In-One Digital Signage solutions is, We customize client needs and provide ONE-STOP solution by integrating CMS+DISPLAY+MEDIA-PLAYER in one package called ‘Aidio-All-in-one’ displays at affordable pricing.

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