Tips and Tricks for Engaging Audience

Tips and Tricks for Engaging Audience

September 22, 2018 Uncategorized 0

“Pooh, I have invested huge sum of money on state-of-the art Digital Signage units, But Return on Investment is pathetic” – This might be the opinion of many business players who have adopted Digital Signage methods of advertising and information sharing.
It is not the Digital Signage hardware that need to be blamed but failure of content delivery strategy that needs to be addressed. Content that engages the audience plays important role. Here are important tips and tricks on how to make Digital Signage more effective by engaging the audience.
Effective Audience Engagement revolves around two points:

  1. Grab the attention of the Audience
  2. Making the Audience to think

How to Grab Audience Attention?

  • Obvious Human tendency is to search for new things. So whether it is traditional signage or Digital counterpart, showcasing new information is always key for getting passersby attention
  • Further no one likes to wear same attire everyday isn’t it? Even in advertising arena showcasing same content in different design and layouts goes a long way in grabbing audience attention
  • Irrespective of whom your audience are? All of them look out for certain common information in form of tickers like: Time, Date, Weather Forecast, News Headlines and Social media feeds. Such visual hooks will definitely grab customer attention

Once the attention is grabbed, making the audience think over is the further step in audience engagement.

Create Campaigns:

Delivering the same message in different forms is called as campaigning. Keep delivering the same message until saturation is reached. Obviously packaging uplifts the value of a product so is the presentation.

Embrace Long tail-theory:

While one section of crowd quickly observe a notification there is another section which takes its own time to notice the same this is called Long-Tail Theory. For advertising events it is better to showcase it 15 days prior to the event so that everyone’s attention is grabbed

Timing of Content Broadcast:

Showcasing important messages in peak hours and never broadcasting them in off hours is important for Engagement. Also, understanding audience demographics and interests plays vital role in audience Engagement
We at Aiddition Technologies not only provide the right kind of digital signage units but support your content management needs so that audience engagement is optimally achieved.

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