Interactive Kiosks @Museum & Art Galleries

Interactive Kiosks @Museum & Art Galleries

January 30, 2019 Digital Signage 0
Interactive Kiosks at Museum

Your visit to an art gallery or museum definitely is a day long process isn’t it? That too if you are an enthusiastic student or researcher who wants to acquire knowledge of each and every antique or artifact exhibited in the museum even 12 hours of stay at the museum will not be sufficient. Now a days Advanced Interactive Kiosks installed in the lobbies and entrance of museums can definitely enhance the visitors experience by providing quick guide to navigate different sections and floors of the museum effortlessly. These Interactive Kiosks plays multiple roles: As a Way-finder, Ticket dispenser, Virtual Receptionist and many more.

Aidio’s All-in-one Interactive Kiosk for Museums

Aiddition technologies an Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM based in India has come up with ‘Aidio- All-in-One interactive Kiosks’ that provides the plethora of applications that can be configured to be put into use in an art gallery or museum to engage visitors and enhance their experience at museum premises.

Highlights of Museum Interactive Kiosks

  • Works as a Virtual receptionist to welcome the tourists and visitors
  • Provides Way-finding in multiple languages so that tourists from different parts of the country or world can easily grab information
  • Operates as a Ticketing counter to issue tickets and identity cards
  • Provides 3-D Walk Through and bulletins about various Points of Interests that a visitor might quickly want to grasp
  • Operates as Feedback Desk and Enquiry Desk easing the museum staffs workload from mundane task

Are you Interested to obtain technical features of this product? Visit the following link:


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