KIOSK Market: Avoiding Pitfalls & Using Best Practices for Success

KIOSK Market: Avoiding Pitfalls & Using Best Practices for Success

January 23, 2019 Digital Signage 1
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The Kiosk industry is growing exponentially. According to prominent market researchers, Self Service Kiosk Market will reach $88.34 billion by 2022. According to Transparency Market Research project group annual growth of 10.9 percent is expected in coming seven years. Though everyone is projecting growth of Kiosk market pitfalls seen in implementation and deployment of kiosk devices is resulting in many customers dubbing them as a futile exercise.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts that Integrators and Manufacturers of Kiosks should bear in mind to effectively deploy these devices and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Planning Kiosk Deployment by Involving all Stake Holders

Presuming the effects of Kiosk on potential customers and organization members will be disastrous. First and Foremost action is to gather all stakeholders’ inputs before designing a Kiosk.

  • Avoid fitting Consumer-Grade equipments instead of Commercial equivalents

Just because consumer PC/Tablet/TV is available readymade and affordable using them in place of genuine commercial equivalent components can prove costlier.

  • Ensure 24/7 Up-time

Kiosk that are up and running 24/7 drives potential customers and existing customers equally to use them. Frequent ‘Out-of-Order’ message will definitely TURN-OFF the customer interest in using your Kiosk.

  • Don’t undermine User Friendly Interface

For instance the quality of Scanners used by Self-Checkout-Kiosks designed by your firm shouldn’t create havoc in customers’ minds that they feel Check-out at Human operated manual is far better!

  • Understand the Importance of Value Proposition.

As an example, consider a greeting-card making kiosk which generates less number of templates than the choices available on racks. Also it takes more time to print a greeting card rather than pull one from the shelf. Definitely Customers will stay away from such a kiosk. In nutshell Kiosk should be superlative in all aspects to manual service else it will definitely incur loss to the organization using them. 

We at Aiddition Technologies follow best practices in designing and deploying Self-Service Kiosks with our team constantly interacting with the clients to understand the requirements and ensure standards are met. Also we are OEM who integrate every component of a Kiosk from scratch and don’t rely on consumer grade equipment.

Quick Facts about good Kiosk design

  • Kiosk is not just a mechanical enclosure with a PC sitting inside it
  • Wrong design of Kiosk enclosures can damage the electronics embedded within
  • Never, Never Use ThinPC, Tablet, CPU or Android media box to design a Kiosk as they are not actually meant for this purpose
  • Never use TV monitor as display just because it is available easily
  • The main drawback of using PC/Android Media Box is they cannot be customized and configured as per the needs of kiosks

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