Content is the Brain of Digital Signage Systems

Content is the Brain of Digital Signage Systems

July 28, 2018 Digital Signage Uncategorized 0

Having state of the art Digital Signage Player with high resolution Display but no good content to render on it, sounds like ‘Beauty without Brains’ saying isn’t it? Yes, A good Digital Signage system should have a holistic outlook with both Hardware and Software designed to catch clients’ eyes.
Content and Content Management Systems (CMS) are two features that any Digital Signage customers should give importance to while upgrading from a static to dynamic marketing medium.
There are two aspects to deal with while changing over to Digital Signage:

  1. Content Creation Methods
  2. Content Updating Methods

Content Creation can be done in many ways like:

  • In small organizations people with basic computer literacy to handle Power-Point and paint applications can create basic but appealing contents
  • Organizations with resources to hire exclusive content and design team can utilize powerful content creation tools like Adobe illustrators and other software to develop pleasing content
  • Also it is possible for clients to outsource their content creation stuff to various third party content development companies

Various Content Updating Methods that are widely in use are:

  • Simple plug-and-play USB/Pen drive/Stick can be used to push content to the Digital Signage unit, Though today most of the Digital Signage vendors do not suggest it due to lack of security and flexibility issues.
  • Buy a Content Management Software (CMS) from Digital Signage vendor or third party and PUSH content to multiple displays across city with from your handheld android device.

We at Aiddition Technologies have home grown Digital Signage Software that comes bundled with ‘Aidio Signage Players‘ which can address all your content management needs with ease. With our Aidio Digital Signage Software you can add or remove your content dynamically in seconds from wherever you are.
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