Live Streaming Solutions

Go ‘LIVE’ With Aiddition Video Streaming Solutions

The entire world has become a global-village with phenomenal changes in internet technologies. Today Broadband internet connectivity is synonymous to the atmosphere of earth—‘available to everyone-everywhere’. All of us are keen to have information at our fingertips. Live action of important Events, Interviews, Training, Stock exchange trading, News, Sports action, Elections and many updates are of high demand amongst the public and clients of various business groups.

Pros of Live-streaming

Instant Playback

As mentioned earlier end users needn’t have to wait for the entire video file link to be downloaded and can playback instantaneously.

Pros of Live-streaming

Security from Piracy

Providing download access to your links always leads to piracy problems. With Live streaming technology your copyrighted content is secure from malicious users. Only prerequisite for live streaming is being ‘ONLINE’-24/7, which should not be a matter of concern for any organization of today.

Who and how we can use Live-streaming technology?

The avenues for live streaming technology is numerous, here are few key applications

Sharing Live Event

Your organization can telecast its events like product release, live concert, sports action or any event of interest to your clients and stakeholders, without relying on some media house to do the same for you.

Product Manufacturing Process

Assuming you are a product or service sector organization, Live streaming of the entire process of product development taking place @ your workplace can be shared with your potential clients, thus enhancing your transparency.

Schedule Training Programmes

Today everyone is learning from online resources. Schedule trainings on How to effectively use your products or services for deriving its benefits, thus reducing your customer training costs. If you are in educational sector, this feature can go a long way in educating your students online.

Host Doubt Clarification Sessions

Your customers will have handful of queries about the product or service, clarify their doubts online, thus enhancing customer support quality.

Why Aiddition Live Streaming Solutions?

You might be wondering what features Aiddition Live Streaming Solution offers you? Being a pioneer in Digital signage solutions it offers you:

Customized Live Streaming solutions that can be simultaneously streamed across social media and digital signage facilities.

Our solution operates in two modes:

  • Mobile App based facility
  • Encoder Based facility

How it works?

Indigenously built mobile App can be used to stream live content. 

This Live stream content can be exclusively shared in Digital Signage boards installed across the cities and to social media.

Alternatively Video captured by HD-Cameras available at your workplace can be captured by an Encoder which streams the same to Digital signage boards and Social Media.