Cloud Based Digital Signage Software

Working Principle in Nutshell

  • Users can create the content/playlists through our Cloud Based Digital Signage software with a web-browser and PC / Tablet/Phone
  • The Created Playlists will automatically play on the screens which might be geographically dispersed
  • Unhappy with the previous content? No hassles update in fraction of a second using the same Cloud Based Digital Signage Software from any part of the globe



  • Depending on geographical location type of content delivered can be customized with geo-fencing
  • With GPS support vehicles can be enabled to display area/locality specific content

Live Streaming

  • Digital Signage Software can be integrated with our in-house Live Streaming technology
  • Live Events can be rendered to geographically disbursed screens in addition to existing

CCTV Integration

  • Already existing CCTV set-up can be integrated with the digital Signage software
  • Remote monitoring of manufacturing plants, office space etc. is feasible

Proof of play

  • Generating realistic reports about viewers and their interaction with the device
  • There is no room for doctoring or manipulating reports

Interactive Application Integration

  • Digital Signage Software comes bundled with touch screen enabled display screens
  • Mining of relevant and specific content interested to customers is hassle free


  • As the Digital Signage Software is cloud based the security measures available in cloud platforms are all applicable
  • Content delivery is reliable and stable

Plug-in and widgets

  • Any Third party content generating systems like Traffic Monitoring systems of city police can be integrated with Digital Signage software
  • Widgets like Scrolls, Clocks, Temperature and weather forecasting can be added

Artificial Intelligence based Analytics

  • Wide spectrum of customers visit business outlets and shopping centres, tracking the demography of these customers with artificial intelligence based analytics is easier
  • The trends during off-season and vacations and festive seasons can be easily monitored

IOT Integration

Internet of Things (IOT) feature provides wide array of benefits like:

  • Hospitals can keep track of patients waiting in queues and situation of chronic patients
  • Schools and colleges can track the attendance of students in a particular day/week/month
  • Manufacturing Industry can closely monitor safety conditions at manufacturing plants like temperature, pressure and other critical parameters

GPS Support

  • Digital Signage Software comes with GPS hardware so that vehicles on move can render contents specific to a locality or place

How it works

The most appealing feature of our Cloud Based Digital signage Software is it operates in 1-2-3 simple Steps

Step-1 (Upload Content)

Upload various forms of content ranging from Images, Video, Audio, HTML5, VIDEO STREAMING to the software and tweak with it in real time by adjusting the size or stretch or crop.

Step-2 (Create Playlists on the go)

Once the raw content is available users can create and schedule playlists. The playlist rendering timings and location can be customised. Also the duration of broadcast can be scheduled.

Step-3 (Group Similar Theme Screens)

  • New broadcast screens can be updated within no time.
  • Similar theme broadcasts can be grouped together for ease of management.
  • Based on location of the screens (indoor/outdoor) parameters like volume, brightness and orientation can be adjusted