Various factors that can be addressed by hospitals with our Cloud Based Digital Signage Software are:

  • As an Employee coordination and communication gadget
  • For Providing Safety, rules and compliance data
  • As a Way finder: Path to saving Life
  • Assist in waiting area as a peer with updates

Educational Institutes

Probably the biggest service sector of our Nation is evolving continuously to market needs and the needs of institutes like:

  • Publicize academic and co-curricular events, information on courses offered
  • Achievements of students, admission deadlines etc.
  • The Idea of ‘Smart Campus’ can be realized with Cloud Based Digital Signage Software to large extent


Today banking sector in India has huge demand for publicizing their services to both potential customers and existing customers via digital medium like: 

  • The Regional office can control the broadcasts at various branches
  • Keep customers up to date on Bank offers and services

Beauty Salons

The type of services, tariffs, discounts, health tips etc. can be provided on screens

Corporate Sectors

Corporate firms can make use of Cloud Based Digital Signage Software for bulletin boards, internal sales/goals tracking, public safety details, key achievers details etc.

Jewellery House Chains

The jewellery designs, services, offers, fashion tips, Gold rates can be updated dynamically across various outlets from a centralized place

Stock Market Players

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Restaurant Chains

The food industry with multi-cuisine nature is sprouting in highways and also within cities. This sector needs best possible publicity in competitive market place and the dynamic combined with flexible features offered by our product makes it the best bet.

Super Bazaars

The Best place to broadcast various offers and goods is Super Bazaars. The screens can be utilized as best advertisement mechanism by various players as wide array of audience can be reached

Multiplex Cinema Halls

Cinema halls can showcase all the currently running cinemas and upcoming cinemas and can also Digital signage Software can work with Kiosks to disburse tickets

Govt. Organizations of various types

Government is a huge machinery that can broadcast its polices, programmes, campaigns related to every department so that public kept informed on its governance

Automobile Dealers

Automobile dealer chains can help customers in many ways like: 

  • Help them monitor ‘Live’ the servicing from service station
  • Update customers about offers and Service schedule for their vehicle