Aiddition Technology amongst the Top Six Start ups that Twinkled @ Bengaluru. ITE BIZ 2016

Aiddition Technology amongst the Top Six Start ups that Twinkled @ Bengaluru. ITE BIZ 2016

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20 years ago Karnataka Govt. took an initiative to attract Information Technology ventures to Karnataka through a flagship event conducted in the month of November to meaningfully celebrate Rajyotsava.

This tradition is continued by Govt. even after 20 years to maintain the brand name of being I.T capital of India. This 19th edition of Bengaluru ITE-BIZ-2016, held to attract investments in I.T sector and IT enabled sector witnessed galore of START-UPS with more than 136 start-ups applying for presenting their ideas in the prestigious event and among which only SIX were short listed to present their start up venture ideas at I.T.E.BIZ under the aegis of START UP Karnataka YESSS, a platform for young Entrepreneurs looking for collaborations, partnerships and mentoring support. This post focuses on all those Start ups which were selected to the elite panel of I.T.E.BIZ-2016 to present their ideas. The SIX startups were selected in a balanced way so that a representation from Digital Media, Intelligent Recruitment systems, Online Banking Systems, Green-Transport Systems were included to showcase their ideas. The lucky Six Startups selected for presentation were: Aiddition Technologies, Greendzine, AVR Edge Networks, Initcodes, Esya Soft Technologies and Eventosaur. 

Aiddition Technologies: Amalgamation of Make in India & Skill India 

Aiddition Technologies, Bengaluru was one of the interesting Startups that made a presentation at Bengaluru I.T BiZ-2016. A startup pioneered by young enthusiasts from Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science Background is an Embedded products venture that has come with an innovative product on Digital Signage systems which is the future of Advertising Industry of the globe.

According to Mr.Kumar Swamy M.D, of Aiddition Technologies their product is an amalgamation of Make In India, Skill India, Digital India and Go-Green programmes of Indian Govt. He eloquently brings out that with BAN on Plastics & FLEX based advertising materials, Digital signage will take off exponentially in Indian Advertising Segments.

Moreover Their Aiddition Digital Signage System ADS can be customised as per the needs of various sectors ranging from Educational institutes, Banking Sector, Food Chains, Jewellery Chains etc. as it is an in house product of Aiddition team. The team of Aiddition is right combination of youngsters and middle age crew members like Kumarswamy Kariyappa, Chetan Patil, Raju Gadag and backbone for team Mr. T. R. Vishwanath.

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