All-In-One Interactive Displays

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Why aidio Display?

Aidio delivers all you need to get up and running fast with digital signage. No need to buy a separate media box, Professional Display, Touch screen &  NFC / 4G LTE / RFID Modules.  We provide one stop Integrated and Interactive solution – Aidio Interactive Display

Aiddition is ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer  (OEM)’ of all-in-one Interactive display. Know More

Where to use  aidio displays?

Aidio Interactive displays can be used in any sector to showcase your products and services. Choose from many Interactive Android/ Windows apps online or use your own customized software.

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One Stop Solution for In-Store Marketing Needs

aidio’s All-In-One Digital Signage Displays are tailored for in-store marketing and communication with your customers. Powered by customized Motherboard, Touchscreen & Professional Display.  Aiming project large or small, complex or simple.

Customized Motherboard

Professional Display

Capacitive Multi-Touch

4G LTE Enabled




Plug & Play

Low Power Consumption

Full Metal Body

Easy Mounting


Some of Our Customers

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Aidio All-In-One Interactive Displays takes your business to next level. Reach more potential audience & gain greater popularity for your brands.

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Aidio All-In-One Interactive Displays for Gyms & Fitness Centers.

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With Aidio All-In-One Interactive Displays reach bigger audience & take your business to next level.

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Aidio All-In-One Interactive Displays meets your all Digital Signage needs & helps you to grow potentially in your Business.

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Renovate your Jewelry Shops with Aidio All-In-One Interactive Displays. For orders & more details please DM us.

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